NRF Big Show: The “Must-Do” List You’ll Want to Have

Blog | January 10, 2018


NRF Big Show


From January 14th – 16th, more than 35,000 retail and technology leaders will attend the National Retail Foundation’s (NRF) Retail’s BIG Show at the Javits Center in New York City. With over 600 exhibitors, 300 speakers, and nearly 120 sponsors, this is the can’t miss event in the retail world. Here are some of Enspire Commerce’s top recommendations to get the most out of the Big Show.


Rock Star Entrepreneurs and the Next Generation of Retail

Main Stage


Hear entrepreneurs from STORY, &pizza, Maveron, Museum of Ice Cream, and Beauty Pie discuss building strong brands and transforming the consumer experience. This panel of brilliant retail entrepreneurs will share thoughts on retail’s next wave of disruptors, what future success metrics will be, and how retailers need to think boldly and differently to thrive. Each speaker will explore ideas prompting the launch of their business and other next-gen companies that promise to change the retail landscape, why they are exciting, how they will impact if not disrupt the industry in the near term, and analyze their future growth opportunities. This isn’t a start-up competition, but rather a tour of what is possible from rock star entrepreneurs who have done battle.


The Fanatical Customer and Building Brand Loyalty



Building brand loyalty can be especially tricky in today’s competitive retail environment. While establishing repeat long-term customers is important, more critical is the relationship a consumer grows with a brand over time. Learn what it takes to create and keep your biggest fans.


The Future of Retailing: How Tech is Changing the Game



What once was a brick and mortar-driven business has shifted to an industry thriving in a digital space driven by technology. Reshaping the way a brand is built, how an audience is attained and influenced, tech is revolutionizing the retail game. Learn how to play (and win) with Instagram COO, Marne Levine.


Walking the Expo floor:


This is the biggest EXPO yet. This year, the EXPO is using 240,000 sq. ft. with over 600 exhibitors and as many chances to discover new ways to impact your business. Be sure to stop by booth #3753 to demo our solutions and shop our candy store.


Checking out the Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab is all about the products that inspire brands to innovate and customers to buy. Checking out the Lab will make you feel like you’re part of the future and give you plenty of ideas to take back home. This year the focuses of the Innovation Lab are 3D printing, AI, AR/VR, robotics, smart technology, and wearables. With the Innovation Series, presenters are given seven minutes to make an impression on attendees with their product and a Q&A will follow.


Mid-Sized Retailers – Why a Unified Commerce Platform is Your Key to Thriving in the Digital Retail Age

Jim Barnes, CEO, Enspire Commerce


The Amazon effect impacts retailers, regardless of size. Delivering best-in-class customer service and personalized shopping experiences is absolutely essential to thriving in today’s digital age.  A cloud-based Unified Commerce Platform is the lynchpin for success, enabling retailers to unify commerce in months, versus years. If you are a SMB that needs to deliver an incredible brand experience and sales, this presentation is for you. Hear from top retail executives that are successfully unifying commerce and thriving in today’s competitive digital retail market.


Seeing You!


We’d love to meet you at NRF. As the leading supply chain and IT consulting firm for retail, enVista helps retail leaders determine and implement the best omni-channel strategies for their operations. Our team consists of former retail CIOs and senior retail executives who have walked in your shoes, as well as supply chain experts with exceptionally deep retail experience.


We help dozens of the world’s leading retailers deliver improved customer service, profitability and competitive advantage. Schedule a complimentary meeting with Enspire at booth #3753 during the Big Show.

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