Customer Engagement Platform

A Single-platform, Omni-Channel Solution for Global Business Success

Move Beyond Order-centric Operations to a Customer-centric Approach

Defined loosely, Customer Engagement Platform is how Enspire Commerce sees the future of our global commerce. With the convergence of Business-to-Business transactions, Order management, Point-of-Sale and e-Commerce Platforms, along with a traditional customer-retailer experience, we are paving the way to global success via a single platform software solution to drive your business.

From the back-end, our platform enables communication between suppliers and retailers for processing transactions, managing workflow, and capturing analytics. It extends to the customer by improving services via a seamless experience–whether shopping online, from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in an actual brick-and-mortar store.

Move beyond order-centric operations to a customer-centric approach with improved customer satisfaction, data communications, and extended profitability – that’s Enterprise Commerce Management via Enspire Commerce.

Our Customer Engagement Platform enables an omni-channel approach that includes -
  • Seamless Data
  • Customer/Supplier Centric
  • Advanced Inventory Management
  • Scalable eCommerce Solutions

A Seamless Omni-channel Approach to Sales

For In-Store Representatives

A Customer Engagement Platform approach offers the ability to immediately reference a customer’s previous purchases and preferences (just as an online or phone representative could) from a hand-held or in-store device.

For Customers

A Customer Engagement Platform approach enables customers to check inventory options at specific stores via the company’s website; purchase the item(s) via computer or smartphone; and then pick up at a chosen location.

For Retailers / Suppliers

A Customer Engagement Platform means seamless transfer of data, no matter what the language or format.

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