Product Information Management

Greater Control of Your Product Item Data

Drive Omni-channel Success with Our Product Information Management Solution

Unified Commerce starts with managing your ITEMS. It is impossible to deliver a UNIFIED experience without control and management of your ITEMS across your retail enterprise. Enspire Commerce Product Information Management (PIM) works to accurately manage product attributes, product variants, catalogues, digital content, centralize your item data, and deliver real-time information across multiple sales channels and market places. Our Product Information Management solution ensures a superior experience and consistent product data exchange across all your channels within your enterprise. Additionally, product information management with Enspire offers advanced features, including: user defined attributes, attribute sets, and attribute groups by channel. Regardless if you are a manufacturer, distributor and retailer you can manage your items from one central location and push or pull product information data from your ERP, e-commerce platform, point of sale and/or electronic vendor catalog.

Adding a PIM system helps you gain greater control via centralized views across your enterprise for products sold across multiple buy and sell channels. It also ensures omni-channel retailers quick access to critical data so they can streamline operations, improve business performance and deliver significant operational savings.

Adding a PIM system helps you gain greater control
  • User-defined Attributes
  • Manage Attribute Sets
  • Manage Attribute Groups by Channel
  • Manage Digital Content
  • Manage Variants
  • Manage Catalogues

Greater Control and Quicker Access to Product Data

Real-time Delivery

Optimized product data and digital content across all channels.

Expand e-Commerce

Expanding your list of item attributes improves item searches on your e-commerce platform.

Successful Omni-Channel

Single-platform with PIM, e-commerce, OMS and TPM ensures optimized information across all outlets.

Integrate Disparate Systems

Our integration framework pushes/pulls data through a standard API.

Unlimited Item Attributes

Add unlimited product details. Update a list of products with a single click including attribute sets and groups.

Infinite Sharing of Items

Infinite options between groups and attributes between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Business Tips

Feature Spotlight: Product Information Manager (PIM)

Blog |May 5, 2016

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